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A recent study published by Psych Central discusses how to make new habits stick.  The article goes over a variety of techniques that will dramatically increase your chances of implementing new habits.  Check it out here.

On episode 82, Kurt and Steve discuss another important Persuaison IQ Test question.  What is the main reason people do things they don't want to do?  Kurt and Steve discuss the answer and give some tips on how to use the pyschological phenomena of "Cognitive Dissonance" to your advantage. 

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Have you ever given a presentation and had a tough time connecting with the audience?  Some audiences are just difficult.  Other audiences can be connected with if you know some basic pointers.  For this week's article, Kurt and Steve discuss an article released by Harvard Business Review that gives some great tips on connecting with any audience.  Connect to the article here.

Does the mood of your prospect matter?  We're uncovering more and more research on the topic. No matter how appealing your product, if your prospect isn't in the right mood it doesn't matter.  Kurt and Steve give some tips for what to do when you run across a prospect in a foul mood. 

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Have you ever encountered a prospect who had a skewed view of what they should pay for your product?  Would you like to have more control about what your prospects think your product is worth?  Tune into this episode for more information!

On this episode, Kurt and Steve also discuss how to properly frame somebody's expectaitons without insulting them.  Doing this is the key between getting kicked out and totally resetting your prospect's perceived value!

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On this episode, Kurt and Steve continue in giving you the "cheat sheet" for the Persuasion IQ test.  You can find the persuasion IQ test by visiting and clicking "Persuaison IQ" on the bottom of the page.

What do all top persuaders have in common?  They're optimistic.  Chances are you've never met a top producer who also has a negative attitude.  On this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss what it takes to maintain an optimistic attitude, even in the face of intense rejection. 

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