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The MOST important aspect of Trust is credibility It’s harder to gain credibility nowadays than it ever was in the past. Most people are fairly sophisticated and have grown cynical with all the exaggerated and unsubstantiated hype that is thrown at them.

People who have been burned in the past develop thick skins against almost every persuasive message they are exposed to.

Want to sound smarter? Avoid these 24 overused words and phrases

Do people trust you?  Are you sure?  I would say that you are not creating the trust you need or deserve in the persuasion process.  Trust is the glue the creates your ability to sell and influence.  Join me for this week's podcast on PQ Skill #4: How To Establish Instant Automatic Trust  



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It is human nature to mirror and match, or to “synchronize” with the people we connect with. We don’t even think about it. It happens so quickly and so subconsciously - one is unlikely to even notice it.

What if you were aware of it? Could it be used to help you be even more persuasive? Research says definitely yes. When you mirror your audience, you build rapport with them.

Do you want to know how to instantly connect with anyone?  Do you want to make anyone your friend?  Did you know influence is easy when people like you?

Join me for this weeks podcast on PQ Skill #3: Instant Rapport and Social Synchronization

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Are you a leader or a manager?  When you influence people do they do it because they have to or they want to?  Isn’t that a tough question?  What do you think?   Are you able to boost people up, motivate them and inspire them to new levels?  Because that is the role of a long-term leader.

Join me on this week’s podcast on influence and leadership with Ben Ward.  Ben is a leadership expert that is going to teach you the tools and techniques of how to influence others.  You will discover more about praise and how to motivate people to the next level.  Influence Like A Brick - Interview with Ben Ward

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