Maximize Your Influence

Words are powerful.  Depending on which ones you use, you could be either supercharging or killing your presentation.  In this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss the Law of Verbal Packaging and how you can best script your persuasive presentations.  Kurt and Steve also discuss how to avoid "Facebook Envy" and a persuasion blunder that teaches us to never assume anything about our prospects. 

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What are the remaining 3 C's of Trust?  How can we get others to trust us without coming across as cocky, arrogant, or condescending?  How can we tactfully let others know about our credentials without coming across as bragadocious?  In episode 20, Kurt and Steve go over thes important questions as well as a horrible persuasion blunder. 

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Do other's trust you?  The results are surprising.  While you could be the most honest and trustworthy person in the world, trust often comes down to a few time tested methods that manage how people perceive you.  Granted when it comes to gaining trust there is no better way than to actually be trustworthy.  But implementing the techniques on this podcast will help you get there faster. 

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