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What can you do in the first thirty seconds of your encounter to capture your audience’s attention?  Can you prove to them that you are worth listening to?  Think about this: Every time you communicate with someone, they are paying with either time or money.  

Do you want to know how to magnetize your message?  Get and keep the attention of your prospects?  Ever thought about how to brand and position yourself in this new media market?  Well, you are in luck.  On this week’s podcast, I interview Jeremy Slate.  We discuss ways to make your presentation/message ring true and understand this new market.  Join me for…. How To Position Yourself And Create An Irresistible Message

For more infornation about Jeremy visit his websites here  and here

Did you know that cost is often the first objection raised, but usually it's not the true reason for rejecting a product or service?  Whether you're selling an actual physical product to consumers or an idea to your stubborn teenager, there is always a price involved.

Want to know how to make price a non-issue?  Want to know how to charge more and help your prospects be more successful?  Want to get past the mental block or raising your rates?  Join me for this week’s podcast as I interview Chris Kenney.  We explore all the tools you need to quit hearing – It is too expensive!

10X Your Income - Interview Chris Kenney


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As humans, (when we listen) we have the ability to read people from facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, or even a smell.  This comes from our early programming as humans to be able to meet a person and instantly decide if they are a friend or foe.

Want to know how to make better decisions and use your intuition?  Want to know what changes are happening with your prospect and customers?  Ever wondered what the new expectations are going to be?  Listen to this week’s podcast interview with Tiffani Bova.  She is the author of GROWTH IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business.

For more information about Tiffani visit her website here.


Voice plays a critical role in influence.   Our voice is a powerful instrument that can motivate the troops or lull them to sleep. There is a huge difference between presenting and persuading, informing and influencing, and communicating and convincing.

Want to know how to grab attention and increase the influence of your voice?  Ever felt your voice was not very impactful?  Listen to this week’s podcast with Denise Woods.  She is the vocal coach of the stars.  Find out how to change your voice and change your future. Denise Woods -Vocal Coach of the Stars - Crucial Instrument Of Influence