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When you are not disciplined in all aspects of your life, it will pull you down.  Let’s say you are disciplined in 4 areas of your life and in 2 areas you are not so disciplined.  Each weak area of your life affects the strong areas of your life.  Self-discipline is critical in every aspect of your life.  

Ask yourself where are your habits taking you?  Then ponder about what are the long-term consequences of this habit?  The key is coming up with a game plan on how you are going to replace this habit and what are you going to do when your self-discipline is feeling weak.  Choose your weakest habit today and find your solution, and create a game plan.

If you want to understand self-discipline and success – listen to this week’s podcast for success expert James Malinchak.  We take a deep dive into what it takes to be more successful and how to make your business grow.

To learn more about James visit his website here.

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Do you repel people?  Most people say no.  Although most of us do things that repel people.  You have met people that just rubbed you the wrong way.  They repelled you, you did not like them and you did not want to be around them.  The key is that they never told you what you did wrong or how you made them feel, they just left. 

These mistakes are a silent influence  killers.  Most people will never say anything to you that will alert you to the fact they are feeling this way.  They are more comfortable lying to you—so they don't hurt your feelings. 

Download the Free Report on Do You Repel People Or Listen to the Podcast - Do You Repel People - Rethink Your People Skills Or Watch the Video - Top 10 Things You Are Doing That Annoy And Repel People

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Successful persuaders all share a common ability to use language in ways that evoke vivid thoughts, feelings, and actions in their audiences.  Typically, news broadcasters are trained to inflect their voices downward at the ends of sentences because doing so suggests confidence and authority.  Upward inflections tend to suggest a lack of confidence and doubt. 

Your voice is who you are.  It is your trademark and your calling card.  Your voice must exude energy, confidence, and conviction.  We tend to judge others by their voice:  confident, nervous, relaxed, energized, tired, weak, strong.  If you sound unsure and timid, your ability to persuade will suffer.

Want to know more? 

Join me for this week’s podcast on Your Zoom Voice:  How to Make Your Voice Captivating and Persuasive In An Online World. You will Discover....other elements needed to make your voice more influential, how to know if someone is smiling while they are wearing a mask, and how to know when you have developed and created rapport with a stranger.

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Increase your scarcity with your product or service and you will find your prospects begging to get started.  Make sure you follow the 3 critical aspects of scarcity.  Make sure your urgency is immediate, legitimate, and believable. 

The Sweet Psychology of Indulging During a Pandemic

Want to know how to increase scarcity and urgency?  Want to know how to keep prospects and coworkers to keep their deadline?  How to get them to say yes now – instead of later?  Join me for the podcast on How to Get Others to Take Immediate Action (not I’ll do it later)