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Have you noticed the dramatic changes in presentations, communication, and training?  The focus used to be on education.  The latest research reveals that we need to spend more time grabbing your audience’s attention and maintaining their interest.

Creating and delivering persuasive presentations can be challenging.  Anyone can inform, but is it influential?  Does your message have an impact?  Is it too complicated?  

Join us for this week’s podcast on Quickly Simplify Your Message - Davina Stanley Interview.  Discover how to simplify, improve, and deliver a clear and concise message.


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Is silence overused and abused?  Yes, but you still need to use.  When it is used in the wrong way or with the wrong person, you can come across as unprofessional and create the wrong type of tension.  The goal of silence is to indicate that you are approaching the end of the negotiation, and the silence is the signal to make a decision. Listen for a few keys to help you use (not misuse) silence to seal the deal.

The 5 Core Skills Of Hostage Negotiators

Want to know more about silence and other negotiation tools?  Join me for this week’s podcast on Using Hostage Negotiation Skills In Business I will reveal the tools hostage negotiators use that you can use in business negotiations.  These techniques will enable you to close more deals and win more negotiations.

Influence University is the first and only website to combine scientific research, persuasion software, training videos, downloadable audios, and proven exercises.


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The thought of using the "dumb is smart" technique in persuasion and sales may seem counterintuitive because your prospect wants to deal with the expert.  This strategy has two parts.  This is the ability to simplify your message and simplify your presence.  Sometimes, your presence with a prospect can be too complicated or arrogant. 

Believe your own lies

Join me for this week’s podcast on Dumb Is More Persuasive Than Smart - Dumb Is Smart.  We will explore how to use this technique to bond with your prospects.  You will discover certain things you are doing that repel your potential customers because they feel you don’t understand them or your message is too complicated.

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I want to explore ways to resist another person’s unethical persuasive attempt on this podcast.  This is good to know for you as a person and as a persuader.  As a person, this information will help you resist unwanted persuasive attempts. 
As a persuader, you will see some of this resistance or behavior in your prospects and need to adjust your presentation.  So how do you resist persuasion or even manipulation?  Join me for this week’s podcast on How To Resist Those Super Persuasive People.


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