Maximize Your Influence

This week’s podcast is going to talk about 2 important things to increase your influence. 

  1. How can you learn to write compelling copy that can influence anyone?  This could be writing an email or marketing on the internet.  How can you engage and excite others through the written word?  It is easier than you think.
  2. What are the Reasons Salespeople Lose (or Win) a Sale?  The Harvard Business Review has revealed some compelling statistics on persuasion and influence.  Did you know….
  • Prospects have become “price immune”
  • The committee was only a committee of one
  • They don’t care if your company is #1 in the market
  • Some prospects want the challenge, not the solution

 Listen to the podcast and find out how to influence on command.

6 Reasons for winning or losing a sale


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