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Did you know that 80 percent of all new products fail or don't even come close to projected forecasts?3 Large corporations spend billions on focus groups to see if their product or service is viable.

Do you want to know how to balance logic and emotion during the persuasion process?  Do you want to know how your prospect makes decisions?  Discover how to create a persuasive message that resonates with their heart and their mind.   

What happens in the brain when we imagine the future?

Join me for this week’s podcast on Persuasion IQ Skill #2: How Your Audience Thinks And Makes Decisions

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How Conflicting Beliefs Are Stalling Your Success

Beliefs are only one of the pieces to a successful mindset.  I spent years monitoring, interviewing, and watching successful influencers.  What are their traits and characteristics?  What are they doing differently?  How is their mental programming making them more successful?  

Join me for this week’s podcast on Persuasion IQ Skill #1 –   Mindset of Influential People.

A new factor in success: a strategic mindset

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I'd say now is the time to take a careful look at your personal development program.  Are there ways it can be enhanced?  Every day, you are either learning or deteriorating.  You are either closer to or farther away from your goals.  Learn to model the best in your field.  Find those who excel in your industry and benchmark what will work for you.  Pay the price to become an expert in your field. Don't settle for mediocrity.

Salad or cheeseburger - Your co-workers shape your food choices

Do you catch the keyword?  That keyword is change.  Personal development is the key to the knowledge to be successful, but then you have to create change in your lives to apply these new principles.  People actually love to change when it is done right.  People don’t always resist change.  Would you resist if I changed (increased) your income?  I don’t think so… 

Join me for this week’s podcast on Why People Resist Change And How To Persuade Them.

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Great influencers can create the right mood at the right time.  They can put people in a happy state.  When they are feeling happy, they tend to think more positive thoughts and to retrieve good experiences from memory.  When they are in a negative or foul mood, they tend to think unhappy thoughts and to retrieve negative information from memory.

 10 Ways to Defuse the Hostility of People Who Are Angry

What is the emotion that derails most persuasion and negotiation?  That would be anger!  How do you handle that angry person?  How do you defuse anger and turn it into your advantage?  Join me for this week’s podcast -  How To Sell And Persuade An Angry, Hostile And Bitter People.

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