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Studies show how people use, react to, configure, and occupy the space around them.  We all want our own space and feel uncomfortable when people violate our personal territory.  While it may sound overly obvious, research shows that many persuaders get too familiar too fast.  Disrespect for your audience’s personal space—especially when you are first meeting them – you can’t build rapport and cause resistance.

Many persuaders don’t know they are violating their audience’s space. They may think, for example, that by reaching out and touching their audience members on the arm, they will be seen as warm and friendly.  This can turn off and repel your prospect.

Bad Habits That Make You Less Attractive

Close talker Seinfeld

Join me for this week’s podcast on Personal Space, Proxemics and Violation of Boundaries.  You will discover how you are violating other people’s space and boundaries.  Find out your prospect's top complaints against you and how to easily fix them.

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Selling is changing every day.  This is due to advancements in technology, shifts in consumer trust, and evolving markets.

You speaks to me - Effects of generic-you in creating resonance between people and ideas

Join me for this week’s podcast on The Trifecta (3 Traits) of a Perfect Sales Person.  Now you know what has changed in the sales world – Discover the 3 traits and characteristics of a perfect salesperson.  Find out the key area you can develop to change your sales success.

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The Mum Effect refers to the phenomenon where individuals in a group or crowd are less likely to help a person in need when other people are present. This happens because individuals assume that someone else will take action, leading them to do nothing.  The Mum Effect also occurs when you have food in your teeth or your zipper is down, and no one tells you.

Praise for intelligence can undermine children's motivation and performance.

How do you influence others to help you without getting stuck with the Mum effect?  Especially when you need their support?  Join me for this week’s podcast on The MUM effect – Why People Don’t Tell You If You Have Food In Your Teeth Or Your Zipper Is Down.  Discover how to use these tools to your advantage and get others to open up and not get stuck on MUM (or saying nothing).


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Adapting your selling approach to customers who are high in Influencer (DISC) and have an Expressive type personality can be beneficial in building trust and increasing your chances of persuasion and influence.  How do you know if a person is this personality type, and how do you adapt your persuasion?

Baseball reveals that specialists excel after leaving comfort zones

Constantly adjust your persuasion approach based on your prospect's style and needs. This will increase your chances of influence.  Want to discover how to read, understand and adapt to this personality?  I take a deep dive into how this personality thinks, makes decisions, and needs to be persuaded. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on How Do You Persuade And Sell That Influencer, Energetic, Spirited, Expressive, Yellow Type Personality?

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