Maximize Your Influence

Do you know when it is time to shut-up?

Are you talking too much?

Do you data dump, vomit or do the show up and throw up?

Upward Physical Movement Brings Back Happy Memories

Many times, when we are trying to be persuasive, we want to highlight all the perks and plusses. It's only natural. Wouldn't helping someone see the potential gains of your product or service be a good thing? Yes, but here is the issue: Your audience will buy for their own reasons and only their reasons. They don't care about why you like the product or service. They don't care how much you know about it—don’t bury them in detail. The more you spout off about features, the more your audience mentally checks out.

Santa Sweater Walmart Article

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We have all heard that during the persuasion process you need to focus on getting the “yes” from your audience.  Does that work?  Is that true?  The answer is – it depends.  Great persuaders look for times when they can get affirmation from their audience.  They engineer their persuasive message to get as many verbal, mental, or physical "yeses" as they can throughout their presentation.  And there is good evidence to support this practice.

Listen for all the answers!

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The objection you get the most is the objection you still have. So you need to go back to the drawing board.  Do you really believe in your product or service?  Do you really believe it's worth that price?  Do you really believe it's helping out, changing lives and making the world a better place?  You have to believe in your product or service.

What Your Desk Reveals About Your Personality

Join me for this week’s podcast as I take a deep dive into objections and how you are manifesting objections and creating unnecessary resistance.  I focus on The Fake No - The False Perception of Resistance.

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Do you have RBF?  I sure do.  I have it bad.  Do you know what RBF is?  Well the nice version is resting brat face.  The “B” is actually a word that is a little harsher.  (I will let you google it.)  What is RBF?  Well, it is when you are neutral or unemotional – your face looks mean and upset.  You look unapproachable.  In this state, you will have a harder time with influence,  building trust and creating a connection. 

This is more common than you think.  So, how do you fix this RBF?

Neuroscience Says Doing This 1 Thing Makes You Just as Happy as Eating 2,000 Chocolate Bars

Join me for this week’s podcast on How Your RBF Hinders Influence, Likeability, and Trust.  I explore where RBF comes from, why it exists and how to fix it.  I also take a deep dive into how RBF affects mood and how mood can destroy your ability to influence others.

Articles from show: 

RBF : CNN, testRBF , Photofeeler 

Worst Product Names





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One of the biggest surprises in 20 years of influence research is the importance of self-esteem.  We have to understand human nature and ego. Now, what is Self-esteem? Basically a simple definition is how much you like yourself.

So what do we need to know? You need to understand the trend, that self-esteem is at a all-time low. Two out of three Americans suffer from low self-esteem and I'll put it this way. We all suffer from low self-esteem in some aspects of our life. Is it in a swimsuit? Is it public speaking? Is it closing? What is your area?

You have to massage their esteem while you persuade.  If you don’t – You will always get the no. Another reason is low self-esteem is a cause of bullying, threats, and intimidation. 

Join me for this week’s podcast as I discuss

"How to Stop The Bully:  How to persuade difficult and aggressive people."

Are you perceived as competent? Are you sure? You could be the smartest person in the room, but your verbal and nonverbal behavior could tell your prospects something else. 
Competence is your knowledge and ability in a particular subject area. Competency exists on many levels. When we are observing someone from a distance, or when we are meeting them for the first time and our experience with them is very limited, we subconsciously perceive and assign them a certain competency level.
Can you really do what you say you can do? Can you deliver? Does your audience think you have the skills, the knowledge, and the resources? Whether or not you have this deeper level of competence becomes glaringly obvious as people interact and work with you.
Listen to Episode 312 to find out the answers!


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A great persuader can connect with anyone in thirty seconds or less. First impressions take only seconds to form, but they last a lifetime. This is a critical skill to develop because the cement dries fast.

7 Simple Behaviors That Make You More Attractive

Do your prospects like you?  Are you sure?  How do you make sure you’re really connecting? You want to be friendly, but not fake. You aim to be engaging, but not annoying. You’re enthusiastic, but not overbearing.  What are the 2 rapport building biggest mistakes?

Listen to this Episode to find out!

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Power Persuaders know that each audience and individual has a different balance between logic and emotion. Your analytical type personalities need more logic than emotion. Your amiable personalities require more emotion and less logic. Always remember, you have to have both elements present in your message, regardless of the personality types listening.

Emotion is a power you can harness and use in practically every aspect of persuasion. Remember, logic is important, but emotion helps you catapult an otherwise dull or flat exchange to the next level.

You must know when to create positive or negative emotions. The key is your EQ (Emotional Intelligence). You have to be able to read your prospect and know what emotion to use and understand the proper dose. Great persuaders have learned the ability to read and use the right emotion. 

71 percent said they value high EQ over IQ

Sales Stats

Join me for this week’s podcast as I take a look at the elements of a high EQ and how to persuade using emotion and your EQ.

Have you claimed your FREE book yet?

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Want success?  Wondering what is taking so long?  Ask yourself this question.  Have you given yourself permission to win?  If you are not winning - think about this.  If you are playing the game of success not to lose, you are going to lose.  

Imposter syndrome

When you decide to play the game to win, you are eventually going to win. 

Striking power poses won’t boost your confidence or make you feel more powerful

Listen to find out how to handle your conflicting beliefs. 

Learn how to  Enable your powerful subconscious mind to work for you, not against you

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Have you ever felt something was not quite right?  That something was out of whack?  Your motivation was decreasing instead of increasing? Just as in a mutual fund, where one bad stock can pull down the fund’s overall value, one bad area in your life can pull you down and destroy your motivation.

When we look at life, we have to realize that it is not lived in segments, but rather, it is part of a greater whole. Every aspect of your life will either help or hurt your success. Our aim is to get all areas of our life working together to create a high-performing fund.  If you want balance in your life.  If you want achievement – you must have alignment.  Tune in to find out those 6 areas of your life that are part of your life alignment.

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Every aspect of success and wealth includes your ability to generate multiple streams of income. I just finished a training in San Diego, CA. talking with entrepreneurs on creating multiple streams of income. I am very passionate about this topic because so many people just don't have the right vehicles to generate wealth.   

This is a key factor to success and many people have a great vehicle, but the challenge is they just don't have the gas.  We know the gas to your vehicle are the soft skills.  This would be your mindset, people skills, EQ, and your ability to influence.  The rest were missing the proper income vehicle, (Multiple Streams Of Income)

It’s a volatile future. You’d be wise to have multiple streams of income flowing into your life. 

In the future, people will need a portfolio of income streams—not one or two—but many streams from completely different and diversified sources. So that if one stream goes, you barely feel the bump. You’re stable. You have time to adjust. You’re safe. Do you have multiple streams of income flowing into your life at this time? Maybe it's time to add another one.

Join me for this week’s podcast when I interview industry expert Jim Cockrum. 

Jim has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Men’s Health magazine, eBay radio, and in countless news and radio programs as an Internet and online business expert. His podcast is consistently ranked in the top of the business/marketing category on iTunes.

His best selling book “Silent Sales Machine” has been read by an estimated 800,000 people around the world and is a consistent top 10 seller on Amazon best seller 

Since he believes the internet is where the most compelling business opportunities reside, he focuses his training and business models on what he calls, “the most effective communication and relationship building tool ever given to mankind – the internet.”

For more information about Jim and his work visit:


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It all starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts lead to emotions and your emotions lead to your daily actions. Take an honest look at your life right now. Where do you find yourself? That place is the sum total of your thoughts over the course of a lifetime. Where have your thoughts taken you thus far? Where will they take you tomorrow, next week, or next year?

Join Kurt as he interviews expert Dana Wilde.

In this interview, you will discover:

* What to do if you feel "stuck" and how to get moving again;

* How to change your results QUICKLY.

* How to use mindset if you were raised in a negative environment or if “positive thinking” has never worked for you;

* Easy mindset shifts for people who feel like they're lying to themselves when they use affirmations.

Dana Wilde is the bestselling author of Train Your Brain and the creator of The Celebrity Formula. After growing her own business from zero to a million dollars a year in under 19 months, Dana shows you how to make money by being happy and get paid for being YOU! With nearly 100,000 followers in 87 countries, she is featured in the movies The Abundance Factor, The Truth About Prosperity, and Dream Big. As the host of The Mind Aware Show, she reveals how to intentionally and systematically change your mindset so you get better outcomes.

Get a copy of her book for FREE: 

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One of the major distinctions between mediocre persuaders and highly successful persuaders is the amount of talking they do and the number of questions they ask. We have found that great persuaders ask 2.7 more questions of their audience than average persuaders do. Think about that statistic. An average persuader will ask six questions; a great persuader will ask sixteen.

As you apply this principle in your persuasive encounters, always engage your audience with "easy" questions first. Let general questions precede specific ones. You want your audience to feel comfortable and relaxed, and people are encouraged by answers that they know are right, that don't put them on the spot, and that don't arouse anxiety.
Want to get past just hearing and learning how to listen with your ear, eyes and heart? Want to know why introverts outpersuade extroverts? 1 of the 10 reasons is listening, but there are many other factors to influence below the radar. 
Join me for this week’s podcast and you will discover the key factors of persuasion and what has changed in the world of influence.
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On this episode Kurt interviews Dave Kurlan. They discuss the biggest mistake that sales people make, baseball and sales, biggest mindset obstacles, self-limiting beliefs and how to reprogram your beliefs, how to get your prospect to pay more attention to you than to your competition, the sales process, good closing techniques, how to create urgency early, how to get past a "slump," how to know whether or not your prospect is qualified, and how to deal with resistance.

Dave Kurlan is a Sales Development Expert and a top rated speaker, and the best-selling author of Baseline Selling – How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know about the Game of Baseball. He hosts Meet the Sales Experts, a weekly radio show and is the leading expert in Sales Assessments and Sales Force Evaluations.

He is a contributing author, along with Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield, to the new book, Stepping Stones, and a contributing author, along with Jeffrey Gitomer and Zig Ziglar, to the new book, Mastering the World of Selling. He has published more than 800 articles on his popular sales management Blog, Understanding the Sales Force. He is the founder and CEO of Objective Management Group, and Kurlan & Associates, both Inc 5000 companies.

For more information about Dave and his work visit his site here.


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The proper use of humor will boost your confidence and increase your likeability.  It enables you to establish instant rapport and they will trust you more.   Practice your humor.  Make sure it works.  The brutal bottom line is they will either laugh with you or feel sorry for you.

Supervisors driven by bottom line fail to get top performance from employees

You will be surprised how easy it is to use humor.  You will discover ways to use and borrow humor in your persuasive presentations. Humor opens the door to influence.  Find the ways to make your prospect easier to influence. 

Use the 4 secret motivators to inspire others to get what you want

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The good news is you can change many characteristics of your voice.  What does your voice project?  Does your voice work for you or against you?  Find out the ways to make your voice more persuasive on this week’s podcast -  “How to Make Your Voice More Persuasive.”  There are easy tools you can implement to create that perfect persuasive voice.

Article: Our pursuit of happiness makes us sad

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How do you mirror someone that is successful?  How do you benchmark a thriving business?  How do you find the answers to that open-book test on success?  There are 10 free to very inexpensive ways to get the answers to your success.  You can get the answers to take your life, your income, your business to the next level. 

 A Trick That Makes People Like You More

Join me on this week’s podcast on “The Forgotten Shortcut to Success.”

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We have all seen great persuaders in action. We have been in the presence of persuasive experts who automatically attract everyone to them. Wherever they go, people are captivated and influenced by such individuals' radiant energy and dynamic personality. People just naturally want to be persuaded by them.  What makes them successful? 

These persuaders have adjusted or changed their persuasion techniques to match this new world of influence.
Persuasion and influence have dramatically changed in the past twenty years. Social media has changed the way we communicate.  Persuasion has changed.  Your consumer, your prospects, and your customers all have changed. According to Advertising Age Magazine, they are bombarded with more than 5000 persuasive messages a day.

This is the digital age. People are better educated and more skeptical than ever before. If you use only the same out-dated tactics that you learned years ago, you'll lose your ability to influence. Techniques that worked 5 years ago have lost their lustre. Why?

Our understanding of persuasion and influence has changed dramatically. In the past, we did not know or care how consumers thought or what prompted them to buy or take action. Most people in sales and marketing were shooting in the dark. We hoped that what we were doing was working. Dr Antonio Damasio of Iowa College of Medicine sums it up best: "More may have been learned about the brain and the mind this decade than during the entire previous history of psychology and neuroscience."

Why haven't most persuaders caught up with the times? Why are so many still using the old tools that should have been put to rest long ago? Are you one of them? When you are meeting with prospects, clients, or employees, are you a guest? An enemy? A pest? A product pusher? A pushover? Are you welcome or are you annoying?  
Think twice. Most people think they are a welcome guest, but the reality is—and the research shows—that you are more likely to be an annoying pest. They just never tell you. Times have changed, and we are no longer able to push people into buying a product or service. How can you adapt?

We need to be able to help them persuade themselves. To be an effective persuader, you must be able to bring your audience around to your way of thinking.  You can’t be the one that is throwing persuasion darts – hoping one of them will stick and win you the deal.  You must learn to adapt to the times.

Join me for this week’s podcast – Episode #300 (Woo-Hoo!!!) as I discuss all the changes in the world of persuasion and how to adjust.  Now only are you going to learn “How Persuasion Has Changed - And How To Adapt,” but also I will give you a free gift. 

Listen to find out the new tools and techniques and how to get your free gift – Power Negotiation Tools.

Instagram: @maxinfluence

Twitter: @influencemax

Facebook: Maximize Your Influence

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You are being persuaded all around you – And you don’t even know it.  Your environment (colors, smells, music, symbols, etc.) all have an impact on persuasion and influence.  That impact can help or hurt persuasion.

City parks are only as good as the trip to get there

In his book Triggers, best-selling author Joseph Sugarman reveals that 95 percent of the reasoning behind a consumer's purchase is associated with a subconscious decision. In other words, most buying is done for reasons a person hasn't even put into logic.

Listen to find out more!


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You are being persuaded all around you – And you don’t even know it.  Your environment (colors, smells, music, symbols, etc.) all have an impact on persuasion and influence.  That impact can help or hurt persuasion.

City parks are only as good as the trip to get there

In his book Triggers, best-selling author Joseph Sugarman reveals that 95 percent of the reasoning behind a consumer's purchase is associated with a subconscious decision. In other words, most buying is done for reasons a person hasn't even put into logic.

Listen to find out more!


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You are being persuaded all around you – And you don’t even know it.  Your environment (colors, smells, music, symbols, etc.) all have an impact on persuasion and influence.  That impact can help or hurt persuasion.

City parks are only as good as the trip to get there

In his book Triggers, best-selling author Joseph Sugarman reveals that 95 percent of the reasoning behind a consumer's purchase is associated with a subconscious decision. In other words, most buying is done for reasons a person hasn't even put into logic.

Listen to find out more!


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Listening is one of the most crucial human relations skills. Listening is how we find out people's code, preferences, desires, wants, and needs. It is how we learn to customize our message to our prospects. Of all the skills one could master, listening is probably the one that will pay you back the most.

Bosses who phone snub their employees risk losing trust & engagement

There is a positive relationship between effective listening and being able to adapt to your audience and persuade them. 

So, what are the big complaints about you and your listening skills?

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There are those dirty techniques that are very old school and can be very intimidating.  These dark mind tricks are being used against you.  These tricks are still being taught today especially in the world of negotiation.  I want to talk about these dirty tricks so you can be prepared against when they happen to you – not for you to use them.

10 Hard Bargaining Negotiation Skills

You have to understand the game of negotiation.  The challenge is many of you don’t want to play the game. Think about this…. If your prospect has come to play the game and you don't play the game, you're going to lose the game.  Why?  Because they were expecting to play the game. What does this mean? If you are looking to purchase a home and the listing price was perfect. You are thinking to yourself– that’s a fair price.  So you offer the asking price for the house knowing it is a win-win for both of you.  

An hour later you're getting a phone call as they back out of the deal because you created questions in their mind.  They start to think, wait a minute, that was way too easy. We were supposed to negotiate. What do they know that I don’t know?  Did the market change?  What happened?  You did not play the game.  So, if they're wanting to play the game, you've had to play the game.

Different players seem to play the game with different rules.  Some play dirty in the negotiation game.  Some have more experience, some are new, and some want to win the game at any cost.  Want to know how people cheat?  Listen to this week’s podcast on “Hard Negotiation Techniques – Those Dirty Tricks” to find out how the negotiation game is played.

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Did you know that being nice or unselfish could hurt your ability to persuade?  What about those people that are so optimistic that you want to hit them?  

People don't really like unselfish colleagues

There are many tools of influence that are used in excess (or in the wrong way) – that can backfire on you.  What are those good things?  It could be any of the following:

 ·         Always volunteering to help

·         Being so nice that it repels

·         Unrealistic and unrelenting optimism

·         Proxemics and space

·         Wrong use of humor

·         Trying to connect, but bruising their ego

Join me for this week’s podcast on “How Being Nice Or Optimistic Hurts Persuasion.”  I will detail everything we have been taught we thought was a good thing, actually destroys the persuasion process.

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We have all heard about first impressions.  You have less than 30 seconds for someone to judge you – That could be a positive or negative perception.  How do others perceive you?  Is your first impression helping or hurting your ability to persuade and negotiate?

Bad smells make our memories stronger

Join me for this podcast as we explore first impressions.  These impressions can come from either a nonverbal gesture or your tone of voice.  Most people don’t even realize how they are being judged.  

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Last week we talked about self-persuasion and your “Brakes to Your Success.”  The things holding you back from reaching your potential.  You can’t go very far if you are always driving with the emergency brake on and stuck in first gear! 

Many choices seems promising — until you actually have to choose 

This week we are going to supersize that topic and talk about your “Speed to Wealth.”  The formula is quite simple.  If you are wondering what is taking so long to achieve your goals – join me for this week’s podcast on Speed to Wealth - Get On The Fast Track To Success

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Almost everyone wants to accomplish their dreams, achieve more, become a better person, or pursue bigger and better goals. And we often know exactly what we need to do to make these things happen. So why don't we do them? Why do we fall short of our dreams and aspirations?

Stay Funny, My Friends

This week’s podcast will address what is holding you back – what are the brakes of success?  What is taking so long?  Success is an open book test.  Join me this week for the answers to your success.

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What are the most talked about psychological persuasion theories?  What are those techniques that people are using to get deep in the human mind and persuade under the radar?  Some might sound familiar,some have been used against you and some will be new to you.  Which ones are still working and which ones have become high lactose (cheesy).

 Join me for this week’s podcast of Persuasion Tricks That Still Work, as I take a deep dive into the world of persuasion and influence tricks, techniques and proven theory.


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So who is this gatekeeper? Well, that's the person that's trying to stop you from getting to the person that you need to talk to you.  This is the person you are attempting to persuade. This can be one of the biggest obstacles to sales, prospecting, and persuasion.  How can you talk to the right person?  This could be a secretary, a receptionist, a personal assistant, anyone that is answering the phones or that is stopping you from getting to your prospect.

Don’t be the one using those gatekeeper blunders that are keeping you from your prospect.  It is easier than you think to get past the gatekeeper.  Join me for this week’s podcast on Cracking The Gatekeeper Code.


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Tired of hearing that nasty word – The word NO.  That NO is costing you money and costing you business. (Maybe costing you dating opportunities. :)  

There are things you are doing that can guarantee a NO AND there are things you can do to guarantee a YES.

Article: Crime, commitment, and the responsive bystander: Two field experiments.

 It is easier than you think to get more yeses and the science of influence is clear about how to do it.  Join me for this week’s podcast on How to turn the NO into a YES.

70% off Influence University for a limited time!! Run!!

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We have all been there – someone did not promise what was supposed to be delivered.  What was your reaction?  Has it happened to your company?  What causes buyer’s remorse?  What causes someone to ask for a refund?

These questions and more will be answered on this week’s podcast.  What causes, how do you eliminate and how do you solve these issues.  It does not matter if you have a perfect product or service – this will happen to you. 

Personality Traits May Affect Susceptibility to Persuasion

Join me for the podcast on Dealing with Remorse and Refunds.

Whats your Persuasion IQ? Find out and get a copy of my best-selling book for free for helping me out with my research!

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I was traveling with a famous personal development speaker (not going to reveal His name).  It had been a very long day and we arrived at our next destination.  It was very late at night and we were checking into our hotel for our speaking engagement the next day.  He asked the young lady for an upgrade and she said that they did not have any upgrades available.  He said, do you know who I am?  No, she said.  Do you know how often I frequent your hotel?  Sorry sir, I don’t, she politely responded.  He started to raise his voice and get angry. 

When she would not give him a complimentary upgrade, the anger escalated as he asked to see her manager.  She slowly said I am the manager.  He left disgruntled and he did not get his upgrade.  I approached the desk and said I am sorry for that, nobody should treat you like that.  She said that’s OK it is part of the job.  We chatted for a bit and I made sure there was a connection and at the end of our conversation she said, thank you for your patience, would you like a complimentary upgrade?

We have all had the experience of feeling an instant connection or bond with someone after just a few seconds of being in their presence. This is the Law of Connectivity. On the flip side, we have all met someone that rubbed us the wrong way or even repelled us.  We instantly did not want to be around them.  Then we meet some people we need to persuade and they don’t want to connect.  They want to get down to business.  Their face says, “Quit trying to be friendly – What’s the bottom line?”

6 Reasons Salespeople Win or Lose a Sale

How do you know in that first 30 seconds if you should try to connect with them or go straight into credibility?  What signs are you looking for?  How should you start your presentation?  Join me for this week’s podcast as I discuss when to know when to connect or when to build credibility.


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Is most your business or sales based on referrals?  Do people instinctively remember to refer you to their friends or colleagues?  Getting referrals makes persuasion easier, trust is not a barrier, and you know they need your product/service.

Did you know there are ways to get referrals without asking for them?  There is a simple formula to get people to refer others to you – no questions asked.  Join me as I interview Stacey Brown Randall.  She is the author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking.  Listen to this week’s podcast.

Expert Guest: Stacey Brown Randall

Stacey is the author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking, host of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast and teaches small business owners and solopreneurs how to grow their business through referrals without asking and sticky client experiences. She is the wife to one, mother to three and a supporter of the entrepreneurial dream for all.



Does appearance matter?  We are all taught not to judge each other by appearance. But at the end of the day we all end up judging each other subconsciously and and a lot of that is based on your physical appearance. The wrong judgment means your ability to influence decreases. 

Think Looks Don't Matter? Think Again

Do you look athletic, tall, fat or fit?   It all changes the way we get judged.  The shape and look of your face and body will also affect judgments.  I know it is not fair, but it is time to deal with reality. 

Your appearance is judged by your positive and negative characteristics.  Find out what is being judged by others.  What is hurting your credibility and lifetime earnings?  What can you learn and to be more persuasive?  Listen to this week’s podcast to find out!

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Are You Credible In The Eyes Of Your Prospect?

Credibility is a huge aspect of influence. You could be the smartest person in your field or even the most qualified, but if that is not the perception, there is no credibility.  You have to be careful about how you explain and exhibit your credibility. If you launch into a laundry list of your accomplishments or of your education and titles, you might be perceived as a self-centered.

The Diet Linked To Higher Intelligence

You can transfer (borrow credibility) from others.  Since trust and credibility is at an all-time low – sometimes the only option is to borrow credibility from others.  Remember even though you are a good trustworthy person, it does not mean people trust you.  Join me for this week’s podcast on how to borrow credibility in any situation. 

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Never fight on price.  Price in not the issue – you are the issue.  Only 6% of things are bought on price. Anybody can fight on price.  Let’s learn 14 techniques to make price a non-issue.

 This is all about human perception. The human mind has to find a benchmark or comparison to make judgments, especially when we are talking about unfamiliar situations or new products. People need to make comparisons with their past experience and knowledge. 

 If the price comes up – you have blown your presentation. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on Price Is Not The Issue – YOU are. 

Learn how to master the influence skill of making price a non-issue.

Discover why most objections are lies and solving them hurts your ability to persuade


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Can you use fear to persuade?  Does mood matter when you are attempting to influence?  What about resentment, worry, depression and happiness – How do these emotions affect your ability to persuade?

Your emotional intelligence and triggering the right emotion is a major aspect of influence.

An experimental study of audience recognition of emotional and intellectual appeals in persuasion 

Join me for this week’s podcast on Emotions (EQ) That Hurt Influence.  I will reveal the latest research on EQ and talk about the emotions that can help and hurt your ability to influence.

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Did you know your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important indicator for success and wealth than your IQ?  This EQ is also critical in your relationships and your ability to read people.  Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in detecting deception or detecting any type of emotion.  How are you in reading people and identifying deception?

What is the Face of Truth?

Join me for this week’s podcast on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Lying.  I will reveal the latest research on EQ and how to apply that to the world of detecting deception.

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How do you spot a liar?  How do you know if someone is really telling you the truth or they are trying to take advantage of you?  Deception and lying has been in the news lately.  How do you know who you can trust?  Who is telling the truth?  This knowledge will help every aspect of your life. 

The other challenge is when you get nervous or uneasy you might be showing signs of deception.  What I am saying here is that even if you are telling the truth, you might be sending signals of deception.  Your audience can’t always identify exactly what is making them distrustful, but they feel that way and that is all that matters to them.  What happens is we all have micro expressions that happen so rapidly the conscious mind can’t see them, but the subconscious can sense them. 

 The Newest Way to Tell When Someone Is Lying to You

Join me for this week’s podcast on How to Spot a Lie.  I will reveal the latest research on lying, deception and how to detect when someone is trying to deceive you.

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Does gender make a difference in sales, and in persuasion? The last 10 years of research says – YES. Your gut instinct says – YES. Men and woman like to shop differently, and be persuaded differently.  They have different motives, viewpoints and are looking for different things while being influenced.

Understanding these differences can make you a power persuader. It will enable you to adapt your persuasive presentation to their point of view. You will be able to approach and persuade more effectively.


 Do These 5 Things to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence


Let’s take a look at the differences of the male and female brain and how you can tailor your message, and adapt to each gender.

Join me for this week’s podcast on How to Persuade Men vs Woman.


Learn how to use the 4 secret motivators to inspire others to get what you want

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What is a meta-program and how does it help you become a better persuader?  A meta program is the way we lean most of the time in terms of the way we act and react to most stimuli.  

We all hate to be put in a box and categorized, but the reality is that (most of the time) we are predictable.  Sure, people can never be 100 percent predictable, but you will be amazed at how predictable we actually are

Meta-programs are essentially the “looking glasses” through which we view the world.  The classic “Is the glass half full or half empty?” is a perfect meta-program example.  Meta-programs control our personality and therefore how we behave and how we liked to be influenced.

For instance, do you tend to be more of an active or passive person?  Do you focus more internally or externally about the world around you?  Two people may interpret the exact experience from totally different angles.

Find out your own meta programs and how to adjust your persuasion for each meta program.  Join me for this week’s podcast on Meta Programs and Mindset

Get my best-selling book for FREE  

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Do you negotiate with people of equal authority?  Do you have to deal with other managers or senior management?  Do you have to sell to people that feel like they know more than you? 

Understand the ability to gain trust, persuade people and influence without authority is a key component of persuasion and negotiation.  This week’s podcast will focus on how to influence when there is no authority, no title or no power.  Master this skill of influencing up (and to the side) – it is easier than you think.

How to Appear Confident, But Not Arrogant

Join me for this week’s podcast on How to Influence Up (and to the Side)

Learn how to Get others to not only want to do what you want them to do… but beg you to do it.

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There are many ways to double your income this year, but one of the easiest.  Is to double the number of referrals you are getting.   Half of your business should be based on referrals. It is so easy to do, but most people are neglecting it. They’re not asking for referrals or they're doing it the wrong way.

Language study reveals best words to use when selling products

Referrals are your greatest source of social validation. Don’t overlook your current customers.  Nobody sells you or your company better than a satisfied customer.  So in your efforts to gain sales from new prospects, remember that you can build sales better through customer referrals.  Now, if that is the case – Why is it that only 12% of salespeople ask for referrals after every visit?  It is because no one has properly trained them. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on Unlimited Referrals.

Email to find out how to get a FREE coaching session.


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Do people like you?  Can you connect with anyone?  When introduced to someone – Are they really happy to see you?  Are you sure?

This week’s podcast is going to explore “Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Immediately.”  You know when you feel that connection and have created rapport.  Was it a smile, their touch or their sense of humor?  Or was it something else?  Scientist have found the answers to these questions and you will be surprised.  Listen to the podcast and find out how to instantly connect with anyone.

Get the Power of Charisma

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Why do your prospects keep saying NO?  Are you the cause of the objections you are getting?    

What mannerism or things are you doing that turn people off and trigger objections? 

The Clothes That Increase Your IQ

 You may think you're just being friendly or even concerned, but it is just triggering objections.  Let me remind you, that everything you are doing during your presentation will attract or repel the person you are communicating with.  I am not here to sugar coat this.  Let’s get into some of these complaints and things you could be doing that is causing resistance.  Listen to this week’s podcast on how YOU are causing objections.

Click here if you are tired of getting No’s or people not calling you back

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The psychological edge gained by top persuaders cannot be overemphasized.  How do great persuaders prepare their minds for success?  This mental aspect is one of the most important (and usually most neglected) traits of success.

Almost everyone wants to accomplish their dreams, achieve more, become a better person, or pursue bigger and better goals. Why do we fall short of our dreams and aspirations?  Let’s find the answer on this week’s podcast.

This week’s guest is Lisa Wimberger.  She is the founder of the Neurosculpting Institute.  Her mission is to teach others how to reprogram the brain, change their beliefs and to share powerful stress management techniques or what she calls Neurosculpting.

Listen to this week’s podcast and discover the power of Neurosculpting and self-persuasion.

For more information about Lisa and her work visit :


"When you can understand how your mind really works you can harness its unlimited power. " - Kurt Mortensen on Millionaire Psychology

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How persuasive were the superbowl commercials.  What worked?  What bombed?  Just because you liked or remembered a commercial does not mean it was influential.  Just because you laughed, does not mean you will remember the advertiser.  Let’s explore the superbowl commercials to find the persuasion “Ninjas” and the persuasion ‘blunders’.

 Also a huge bonus…..

Time for a guest interview and a world expert on Marketing and the world of Amazon.

 Adam Hudson is the founder of Reliable Education and a seven-figure Amazon seller. Adam is a highly sought-after Amazon expert and coaches new & established Amazon sellers in 16 different countries. Adam is also passionate philanthropist having funded over 6,000 interest-free micro-loans to entrepreneurs in third world countries and more than 1,000 blind people have been healed as a result of his giving.

What you will learn:

·         How to market on the internet.

·         Why Amazon is taking over the world.

·         How to market yourself online.

·         How to break through the marketing clutter. 

For more information about Adam and Reliable Education visit

Best superbowl commercials

 Bud Light and HBO, ‘The Bud Night’

 Pepsi, ‘More Than OK’


Amazon, ‘Not Everything Makes the Cut’

Microsoft’s - Adaptive Controllers

Verizon "The Coach Who Wouldn't Be Here"


Worst superbowl commercials

 Turkish Airlines

 MintMobile “Chunky Style Milk”


 Kia “Give It Everything”

How do you deal with those jerks?  You know the ones I am talking about.  How can you get them on your team?  How do you influence them to be nice and to accept your ideas?

To be a rock star of a persuasion, you cannot use the same techniques for all people all the time.  You have to customize your message to fit the demographics, interests, and values of your prospect.

This also includes mean and hostile people.  They can be persuaded, but you need another set of tools.  When you understand human psychology and the ways to handle resistance – you can influence anyone.

Article on Abusive Bosses

We take a deeper dive on this week’s podcast on how to deal with hostile audiences and the mean people you work with.  Find out how to deal with that jerk and how to easily influence them.

Free Membership to Influence University

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Embedded Commands

In persuasion and influence, it is the little things that can make a big difference.  For example, does icing the kicker in football work? – You will be surprised.  Does planting a seed that it might be too hot (or cold) to play sports affect how people play?  Does the way you use your voice or use embedded commands increase your persuasiveness?

Icing the Kicker Article

Article on Heat Signs

 What is an embedded command?

An embedded command is a technique used to communicate to the subconscious mind. The idea is to actually bypass the conscious mind and talk directly to the subconscious mind. Embedded commands are commonly used in marketing and advertising.

Embedded commands are hidden suggestions within written or spoken language. The conscious mind is unaware of their existence.

Embedded commands create expectations without creating inner resistance.

Embedded commands are used to reinforce potential behavior and can help the reader come to a faster decision.  

We see them in advertising and sales copy on the internet.  Using embedded commands can increase your marketing efforts by 10-20%.

Can you smell fear?

Join me on this podcast and find out how to use these subtle influence techniques.

Get your FREE copy of Best-Selling book Maximum Influence 

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Why Do 80% of New Products Fail?

Why do new products suffer from such a high failure rate?

Even multi-billion dollar companies agonize over product failures. What is going on? It comes down to either too much logic or too much emotion.

I want to Share with you some examples of when all the sound, logical reasoning and research in the world was used to predict the future, but it was still no match for people's emotions and instinct.

Large corporations spend millions of dollars on focus groups to see if their product or service is viable. Then, even after focus group participants are sold on the idea, the follow-up research shows that only a small minority of those in the focus group actually bought the product. Logic made it sound like a good idea to the focus group participants, but emotion ruled the day.

Let's look at some specific business blunders. Some of the strangest products ever released – you will see from their mistakes, how to change your product launch to be more successful. Listen to the podcast and get the solutions to a perfect product launch. 

Worst Product Launches

Worst Product Flops of All Time

Have you activated your FREE membership to Influence University yet?

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This was the most popular episode of 2018.

Listen and tell me if you agree….

The Modern Way To Ruin Relationships

 Most persuader’s don’t understand feature – benefit or emotion vs logic.  They throw these persuasion darts at their prospects (the target) and wonder why these darts never stick and/or hit the target.

Listen now to hear the solution.


Whats your Persuasion IQ?

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On this episode you will learn:

-Secrets to good copywriting

-How to attract more customers on the internet

-The missing piece to your call to action

You only have 3-5 seconds to attract customers on the Internet...What should you say?  What is the formula to get an email reply?  How do you create legitimate, believable urgency to get an instant response?

A website or email that’s too cluttered can’t convey a message quickly enough to engage the reader and is wasting everyone’s time.  A confused mind says no.  A preoccupied mind says no.  If they don’t read your sales copy – that would also be a no.  Effective copy must immediately capture the audience’s interest and pull them into your website, funnel or email. 

12 Obnoxious Sales Phrases That Make Prospects Hang Up on You

Listen now to hear the solution.

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