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It's been 100 episodes!  After inserting some canned applause and patting themselves on the back, Kurt and Steve discuss why disobedient kids may actually make more money as adults.  They then proceed to insult people who don't listen to their show.  But if they're not listening does it really even matter?

Different personalities relate to different persuasion techniques.  One method may resonate clearly with you but be completely useless on your prospect.  That's why it's important to use the T.E.S.S. system.  It stands for Testimonial, Example, Story, and Statistic.  On this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss how to successfuly implement T.E.S.S. into your message.

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Whether you think you love it or not, you love to procrastinate.  The brain thrives on it.  The reason is that we tend to treat our "current self" much better than our "future self."  We give our future self way to much credit.  We think "future me will save more money" or "future me will lose more weight."  But when the future gets here what happens?  Kurt and Steve discuss it during this week's article. 

We don't like getting objections.  Nobody does.  But when they come, take it as a good sign!  Your prospect is actually listening!  There's nothing worse than an impartial prospect.  Some objections need to be dealt with as they come.  Other's need to be dealt with in advance.  On this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss the difference.

Finally, Kurt discusses a "blinja" (when a blunder meets a ninja) sales robot!  Yep.  A sales robot.  Tune in for details. 

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Do you sort your mail over the trash can?  Do you delete most emails before you even consider them?  That's the reality of advertising today.  Messages to your prospects need to be compelling and grab their attention.  To start this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss a recent article about which is more effective: digital or print media?

Ever now and then on Maximize Your Influence, we like to return to what is most imporant: mindset.  All the tactics in the world dont' change anything for a persuader who is negative, pessimistic, and just not right in their persuasion head.  On this episode, Kurt and Steve dive into what it takes for persuaders to have enough self discipline to make it.  Working on commission or in an industry where your living depends on getting other people to cooperate with you can be mentally taxing.  Follow the tips discussed here and you'll supercharge your discipline!

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After Steve gives the full report on his recent trip to Puerto Rico (including a priceless blunder by the Ritz Carlton resort), Kurt discusses this week's "geeky article moment."  A recent article on Psych Central reveals the advantages of both active and passive communication styles.

The rest of the show centers around a recent interview Steve conducted with Brad Harker.  Brad is the author of The Laws of Influence - Mastering the Art of Sales, Leadership, and Change.  He operates a sales company, and actively consults with professionals and organizations in the disciplines of sales, leadership, and influence.

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To kick off this episode, the guys discuss what is likely the most offensive article they've ever featured on the show.  Kurt insists that it's Steve's doing.  We'll let you read it for yourselves, but just know that "hand's on" father's might be uhm...smaller. 

For the main show topic, Kurt and Steve discuss some of the non-verbal habits that can kill your charisma.  Use these habits and your sales career will never get off the ground.  Conversely, they discuss some of the habits that the charismatic instinctively do.  Implement these habits into your behavior and you will be perceived as more charismatic.  We all want to do business with charismatic people!


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