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Join me for this week’s podcast on Shut-Up And Sell: No More Data Dump

During this podcast, I will reveal how to know when it is time to ask for their business. 

What do you look for in their body language to know the persuasion process is done and they are ready to roll. 

Upward Physical Movement Brings Back Happy Memories

Click on the link and get a few more influence tools that help your prospect persuade themselves.

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As a persuader, you need to help your audience be one step closer to taking action. As a Power Persuader, your goal is to decrease the distance someone has to go to reach your objective. Your task is to make it as easy and simple as possible. You need to decrease the mental, social or physical distance they need to travel to be persuaded.

How to Get People to Speak Up in Virtual Meetings

If your prospect is not listening, doesn’t care, and is not participating in the process – you can’t influence them.  Is it you?  Is it them?  Take some ownership and admit that you can be more engaging and even more charismatic in your online and offline presentations. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on How To Increase Meeting (Zoom) Participation, Engagement And Influence.  I will focus on key things you can do today that will get more people to listen, increase their online participation, and keep your audience wanting more.

The moment people sense that you are attempting to persuade them, their resistance increases in size and strength. To counter this tendency, persuasion and sales must take place below the conscious radar.

Women seen as happy and men as angry despite real emotions

Great persuaders have cultivated a sixth sense regarding the "push and pull" aspect of persuasion. You must encourage without pushing. Entice, but don't ensnare. You have to sense and then predict what you can do and how your audience will respond based upon knowledge, instinct, experience, and nonverbal cues. With this sensitivity, which you can learn, you can persuade and influence below their resistance radar.

Are you causing resistance?  Are your influence tools outdated? 

Join me for this week’s podcast on The 3 Keys To Increase Your Power Of Persuasion. You will discover the most important things you can do to reduce resistance, adapt to your prospect and get more YES in your life.

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Most of the time, closing skills are overused or used in the wrong way. When closing skills are used right and sparingly, it can have a powerful effect by helping others say “yes faster. The key is to use closing in the right way in any aspect of persuasion. This is where you get the yes. It is not a time to beat around the bush or hesitate.

Want to know how closing has changed in the last few years?  Ever wonder what closing mistakes you could be using?  Want to know how to close more sales? 

10 Sales Mistakes Reps Make Way Too Often

Join me for this week’s podcast cast on Top Ten Closing Mistakes. You will discover how to balance the best closing techniques in the new world of sales.


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