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Has this ever happened to you? You enter a retail store and you're approached by a sharply dressed persuader. You are interested in buying, but the salesperson is a little aggressive. You get an alarming feeling in the pit of your stomach and then do what many of your customers do to you. You lie! You say, "I'm just looking; I'll come back later," or "It's too expensive," or "I have to talk to my spouse before I decide."

How Passion For Your Job Can Backfire

There are things you are doing right now that cause people to resist you and your message.  These mistakes are simple to fix, but expensive to have.  Join me on this week’s podcast on Why You Are Causing The Resistance And Rejection.  Discover simple ways to reduce resistance and be more influential.

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Why do you get so much resistance, especially when it is a no brainer for them to say yes?  It usually comes back to a bruised ego or low self-esteem.  It can be easily fixed with a little praise and understanding of human nature.  Most people don’t praise because they are concerned it will appear phony, their prospect won’t believe them or they might even get upset. 

Impostor syndrome is more common than you think

Have you ever heard of Imposter Syndrome?  Do you have it?  Do you work with people that do?  A few of the causes can be low esteem, lack of praise and unrealistic expectations.  On this week’s podcast, I talk about imposter syndrome and how it hinders your ability to influence and how to persuade past it.  Click to listen to….. Imposter Syndrome, Ego, And Influence

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What skills do you need to influence in these crazy times when everyone is full of fear, doubt, and despair?  You need to have personal courage and radiate confidence in your prospects. The Latin root of the word courage means heart, bravery, will, and spirit. 

 People eat more when dining with friends and family

How do you get your prospects to have more courage, overcome their fear and make a decision?  How do you provide a safety net that provides confidence for them to move forward?  What are the key ingredients to reduce their risk and get them to move forward?  Find out on this week’s podcast - Risk Reversal And Your Prospects Safety Net.

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The question of the day is about mood. Does your prospect’s mood affect your ability to influence them? Does your personal mood affect our ability to persuade others? 

Let’s find out!

Mood plays a major role in how people make decisions about time management

Learn to be aware of their moods and your attitude.  Great persuaders know when it is time to help your prospect change their mood.  How do you change their mood and even switch your mood? 

Join me for this week’s podcast on How Mood Helps Or Hinders Influence.

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Want Success?  Want Wealth?  Wondering what is taking so long?  The formula is simple.  Start thinking, acting, and doing what successful people are doing.  Success is an open book test.  Time to get the answers.  The key is to model professional athletes or millionaires.  We call this the “success mindset” or “mental programming.”

marshmallow experiment

Join me for this week’s podcast that will get you back on track on how to inspire others (and yourself).   How To Inspire And Energize Anyone Podcast.

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