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Find people who are experts in their field, ask questions, attend seminars and workshops and take college classes. Success is an open book test; the answers are all there right in front of you when you're willing to look for them.

Learn more about mentors and success.  Join me this week’s podcast with the mentor of all mentors.  I Interviewed Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.  We focused on Keys to Business, tips to Success, and how to find mentors.  Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington - Keys to Business and Success 


To find out more about Kevin and his new book visit and you will and receive 30 days of free mentorship from Kevin and Mark.

Want to know more about the traits and mistakes of power persuaders?  Join me for this week’s podcast on The Forgotten Trait Of Influence - And Covid Makes It Worse.  I take a deep dive into common persuasion blunders of most people and traits of influencers.

Article from the podcast:

Increases in physical activity tend to be followed by increases in mood

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Your voice is your calling card.  Your voice must exude confidence, courage, and conviction.  We judge others by their voice:  arrogant, nervous, weak or strong. 

If you sound uncertain and timid, your ability be accepted as an expert will deteriorate.  Your voice will either connect you with your audience or disconnect with them on a subconscious level. 

What does your voice trigger in people?  What words do you use that are repelling people?  Your voice must be interesting and easy to listen to in order to help, rather than hinder, your ability to gain charisma and influence others.

 Lemon Scent May Bolster Body Image

Discover the keys to the right way to get someone interested in you or your business.  Join me for this week’s podcast on The Death Of The Elevator Pitch. 

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The right negotiation techniques will make a difference in your success and income.  Many of the negotiation techniques you have learned in the past - no longer work.  Top persuaders have mastered the art and science of communication and negotiation.  Let’s talk about negotiation blunders.

 14 habits of the most likable people

Want to know more about making the first offer?  How likability affects persuasion?  Want to know the best way to justify your high/low offer?  Then join me for this week’s webinar where I will take a deeper diver, offer additional tools on negotiation.  Join me for Should You Make The First Offer In Negotiation?

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