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Many times, when we are trying to be persuasive, we want to highlight all the perks and plusses. It's only natural. Wouldn't helping someone see the potential gains of your product or service be a good thing? Yes, but here is the issue: Your audience will buy for their own reasons and only their reasons.

How managers can spark, not squelch, our motivation

They don't care about why you like the product or service. They don't care how much you know about it—don’t bury them in detail. The more you spout off about features, the more your audience mentally checks out.

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Do you think people are trying to flatter you into submission?  Are they using manipulation tactics and want to know how to resist.  Are you seeing signs of gaslighting and feel like they want to take advantage of you?   Let me give you the answers. 

How to Spot Manipulation Tactics, gaslighting, coercion

Join me for this week’s podcast on Resisting Manipulation And GasLighting – The Dark Side of Influence


A poll with your prospects found that Trust is at an all-time low.  Their default setting is not to trust you.  In fact, only 12 percent of the prospects trusted their persuaders, while 88 percent of the persuaders felt they had established trust with their audience.  Wow, what a disconnect.

It’s harder to gain credibility nowadays than in the past.

Are you good at what you do? Bragging about it could make people trust you less

Are you credibile?  Are you sure?  You say yes, and your prospects say no.  What are you doing that destroys your credibility?  The answers and science surprised me and will surprise you. 

Join me for this week's webinar on How Being Too Qualified Hurts Trust.

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