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Do you suffer from the Wobegon Effect?  What is it that you've been telling yourself and everyone else you do really well, when in fact you don't do it well at all—or at least you're not above average, as you've been trying to convince yourself and everyone else?   Join me for this week’s podcast on 10 Sales Mistakes Costing You Money.  Find out what mistakes you are making (and don’t even know it) and how to fix those mistakes. 

New Research Suggests We Shouldn’t Trust Facial Expressions

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Let’s discuss how the fear we all have can destroy your ability to persuade and influence.  We all experience rejection in small doses every day.  But what about when we persuade for a living?  Rejection seems to take a higher toll. We avoid rejection like the plague, but it affects your income.  Running away from the rejection solves nothing. Letting our fears overtake us and paralyze us also solves nothing.

People bend truth, even at personal monetary cost, to avoid appearing dishonest

Do you have sales phobia?  Do certain fears hold you back from achieving greatness?  How much money have these fears cost you?  Did you know you were only born with 2 fears?  Did you know fear is easier to conquer than you think?  Join me on this week’s podcast as I address: "How To Conquer Your Sales Phobia."


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Scarcity plays a large role in the persuasion process. Opportunities are always more valuable and exciting when they are scarce and less available. We want to be the ones to own the rare items or to get the last one on the shelf. The more the scarcity of an item increases, the more the item increases in value, and the greater the urge to own it.  

Now the key with scarcity and urgency is in the application.  There are key elements that have to be implemented to make sure scarcity works.  Most people use scarcity the wrong way and it becomes high lactose or cheesy.  Join me for this week’s podcast The Most Abused, Overused, Still Need to Use Persuasion Technique

Commitment has a lot to do with perspective.  When you consider your personal perspective, do you see the big picture, or are you swept up by the whims of the moment?  You have to make sure your perspective is rock solid; otherwise, your commitments will be flimsy.  We all know that when someone says, “I’ll try,” it will never happen. “I’ll try” versus “I will” are two different attitudes.  

With one, you are committing. With the other, you’re leaving yourself room for a way out.  Make sure the commitments you make in a moment of excitement have the sustaining motivation to take you to the next level.  Great persuaders make their commitments stronger than their moods.

One of the key ways to make sure our commitment remains strong is to develop willpower and the ability to delay gratification.

How can you increase your commitment level?  How do you keep those promises to yourself?  Is there a goal that keeps nagging at you?  Good news!  There are solutions.  Join me for this week’s podcast as I interview Jason Hewlett.  We are going to discuss three questions and reveal the solutions.