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There are those dirty techniques that are very old school and can be very intimidating.  These dark mind tricks are being used against you.  These tricks are still being taught today especially in the world of negotiation.  I want to talk about these dirty tricks so you can be prepared against when they happen to you – not for you to use them.

10 Hard Bargaining Negotiation Skills

You have to understand the game of negotiation.  The challenge is many of you don’t want to play the game. Think about this…. If your prospect has come to play the game and you don't play the game, you're going to lose the game.  Why?  Because they were expecting to play the game. What does this mean? If you are looking to purchase a home and the listing price was perfect. You are thinking to yourself– that’s a fair price.  So you offer the asking price for the house knowing it is a win-win for both of you.  

An hour later you're getting a phone call as they back out of the deal because you created questions in their mind.  They start to think, wait a minute, that was way too easy. We were supposed to negotiate. What do they know that I don’t know?  Did the market change?  What happened?  You did not play the game.  So, if they're wanting to play the game, you've had to play the game.

Different players seem to play the game with different rules.  Some play dirty in the negotiation game.  Some have more experience, some are new, and some want to win the game at any cost.  Want to know how people cheat?  Listen to this week’s podcast on “Hard Negotiation Techniques – Those Dirty Tricks” to find out how the negotiation game is played.

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Did you know that being nice or unselfish could hurt your ability to persuade?  What about those people that are so optimistic that you want to hit them?  

People don't really like unselfish colleagues

There are many tools of influence that are used in excess (or in the wrong way) – that can backfire on you.  What are those good things?  It could be any of the following:

 ·         Always volunteering to help

·         Being so nice that it repels

·         Unrealistic and unrelenting optimism

·         Proxemics and space

·         Wrong use of humor

·         Trying to connect, but bruising their ego

Join me for this week’s podcast on “How Being Nice Or Optimistic Hurts Persuasion.”  I will detail everything we have been taught we thought was a good thing, actually destroys the persuasion process.

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We have all heard about first impressions.  You have less than 30 seconds for someone to judge you – That could be a positive or negative perception.  How do others perceive you?  Is your first impression helping or hurting your ability to persuade and negotiate?

Bad smells make our memories stronger

Join me for this podcast as we explore first impressions.  These impressions can come from either a nonverbal gesture or your tone of voice.  Most people don’t even realize how they are being judged.  

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Last week we talked about self-persuasion and your “Brakes to Your Success.”  The things holding you back from reaching your potential.  You can’t go very far if you are always driving with the emergency brake on and stuck in first gear! 

Many choices seems promising — until you actually have to choose 

This week we are going to supersize that topic and talk about your “Speed to Wealth.”  The formula is quite simple.  If you are wondering what is taking so long to achieve your goals – join me for this week’s podcast on Speed to Wealth - Get On The Fast Track To Success

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Almost everyone wants to accomplish their dreams, achieve more, become a better person, or pursue bigger and better goals. And we often know exactly what we need to do to make these things happen. So why don't we do them? Why do we fall short of our dreams and aspirations?

Stay Funny, My Friends

This week’s podcast will address what is holding you back – what are the brakes of success?  What is taking so long?  Success is an open book test.  Join me this week for the answers to your success.

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