Maximize Your Influence

Want to know how to create dissonance?  Ever want to change someone’s mind?  Have you ever wanted to change someone’s beliefs about politics?  The key is to get them to persuade themselves.  Listen to this week’s podcast on How To Change Someone’s Political View Point – Influencing Minds.

I had a great interview with the author of The Hype Handbook on this week’s podcast.  Hype is important (when used correctly) to grab attention and get people to focus on you or your product/service.  If you don’t get noticed and get them engaged – you can’t persuade them.

Want to create more excitement for you or your product/service?  Listen to this week’s podcast as I interview the author of the Hype Handbook – Michael Schein.  We are going to take a deep dive into attracting attention and getting people to adore you.  Listen to How To Create Hype And Understand Mind Control

Do you think color is important in the world of persuasion?  The answer is absolutely. 

What Super Productive People Do Differently

Want to get more techniques on how to use color to influence?  How to manage your time using Harvard time management hacks?  Find out how Covid affects your ability to influence.  How to discover their true pain?  Join me for this week’s podcast on What Are The Most Persuasive Colors?

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Almost everyone wants to accomplish their dreams, achieve more, change their habits, or pursue bigger and better goals.

And we often know exactly what we need to do to make these things happen.  So why don't we do them?  Why do we fall short of our dreams and aspirations?  

Want to understand the science of getting yourself (or others) to change?  Do you want to get more techniques on the power of habit?  Want me to reveal why goal setting does not work most of the time?  How to motivate yourself and others?  Join me for this week’s podcast on The Science of Change And The Power of Habit.

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