Maximize Your Influence

As a persuader, you need to help your audience be one step closer to taking action. As a Power Persuader, your goal is to decrease the distance someone has to go to reach your objective. Your task is to make it as easy and as simple as possible. You need to decrease the mental, social, or physical distance they need to travel to be persuaded.

Do you want to know how to simplify the persuasion process?  How to make it easier for them to say yes?  How to decrease the distance with your prospects?   

4 Ways to Communicate When You Can't See Someone's Face

Join me for this week’s podcast on The Persuasion Easy Button.

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What makes someone successful?  Why do some people achieve wealth, while others don't? How can we predict who will make it big, who will barely make ends meet, and who will fail?  How do we quantify the characteristics of highly successful people?

Are you prone to feeling guilty? Then you’re probably more trustworthy, study shows

Sales Hacks

Great persuaders don't even have to use closing techniques. That's because their audience is ready to purchase before the end of the conversation has even been reached.

Want more tools in your persuasion toolbox?  Want a better understanding of influence triggers that will help the people persuade themselves?  Join me for this week’s podcast on Sales Hacks - Triggers to Persuasion.

Don't forget to take advantage of my introductory special for 111 Sales Hacks  

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The Law of Involvement suggests that the more you engage someone's five senses, involve them mentally and physically, and create the right atmosphere for persuasion, the more effective and persuasive you'll be.  Your prospect’s could listen to an entire presentation and not feel or do a thing.  

How do you keep attention during this new world of online meetings? We have Zoom, Gotowebinar, and Skype to add to our persuasion arsenal.   How do you keep people engaged during these meetings.  How do you influence when you are not physically there?  Join me for this week’s webinar on How to have Captivating, Engaging And Influential Online Meetings/Webinars.

The great persuaders I have found and interviewed are happy people.  They love and enjoy life. They are very successful.  They attract people to them.  How does society define success?  By fame, fortune, achievement, or material wealth.  

When Likes Aren’t Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness

Notice that every single one of these measures is external.  None of them has anything to do with inner peace or purpose.  We think we will be happy when we finally make our fortune, graduate from college, retire, are promoted, or end up at the top in business.

Want to understand the science of happiness?  The role of using humor in persuasion?.  Join me for this week’s podcast on the Science of Being Happy (And Creating Happiness).  I will take a deep dive into the simple things we can do to increase our happiness and the happiness of everyone around us.

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