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We've all heard of the sterotypical "fast talker."  They come across as too slick and like they're up to something, right?

On this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss what the most persuasive rate of speaking is.  They also discuss what kind of tone, pauses, and energy to use when you're speaking at the most persuasive rate.  Tune into the episode to learn more! 

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With Valentines now over with, you likely know where you stand with your significant other.  However, Kurt and Steve still find it fit to bring up a recent study that shows how you can tell if somebody loves you...or lusts after you.  Check out the article here!

It's been a few years since Kurt developed the "Persuasion IQ Test"... a way for you to get a straightforward assessment on how persuasive you really are.  On this episode, Kurt and Steve break down one of the questions on the test: the most effective way to create scarcity.  Check out the episode to learn the answer!

Finally, Steve wraps the episode up with a blunder by a company who has been featured as the persuasion ninja on multiple occasions: Apple. 

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Do you know people who are ALWAYS late, no matter what?  Do you find yourself telling these people earlier times in an effort to get them to unintentionally show up?  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal studied type A (aggressive) and type B (non aggressive) and found something shocking: some people perceive time to go by slower than it actually is.  This explains a lot about people who just can't show up on time!  Check out the article here. 

Last episode, Kurt and Steve focused on detecting deception through verbal cues.  On this episode, they explore some of the non-verbal cues that reveal deception.  Tune in to hear all the great info!  

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Have you checked out yet?  Did you know that you can enroll in our 52 week persuasion course for as little as $7 a month? 

Shameless plug over.  On this week's episode, Kurt and Steve discuss a recent article that shows us how to exercise more effectively.  Yep.  Pushing through a difficult task (like exercise) is key to success in anything.  Kurt and Steve break down the article and discuss how we can use it in exercise and in business. 

Due to listener demand, deception is back.  We all deal with it.  Prospects, family, kids, co-workers...they all have been known to deceive.  Hopefully most of the time it's harmless.  But we've all suffered due to taking somebody's word for it only to have them never come through. 

There are two ways to detect deception.  Verbal cues and non-verbal cues.  On this episode Kurt and Steve focus on verbal cues.  The best "liars" are the ones who tell half truths with their deception.  Tune into the episode for some great pointers on how you can detect verbal deception!

Finally...the blunder of the week.  Or is it a ninja?  Steve isn't really sure.  Due to a business trip he couldn't get out of, he didn't get to watch most of the Super Bowl.  From what he heard, the commercials during the Super Bowl this year were just downright depressing.  Kurt discusses whether this is an effective advertising techinique or not. 

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