Maximize Your Influence

Getting prospects to make and keep commitments is a cornerstone of the persuasion process.  In this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss how smaller commitments lead to larger commitments and how to optimize the commitment process. 

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Why do our prospects often not do what it is we want them to do?  In this episode Kurt and Steve discuss the scientific reasons why persuasion can lead down a path you never intended...and what to do about it.  They also discuss an email from a listener who keeps butting up against the price objection. 

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In 1957, Stanford Professor Leon Festinger developed the "Theory of Cognitive Dissonance."  On this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss how persuaders can use this concept to leverage prospects into making long lasting decisions...and make them a lot faster.  They also answer a listeners question about how to get the attention of prospects who are buried behind a wall of bureaucracy. 

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