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Stay tuned as we will soon be rolling out Influence University...your way to access absolutely everything that Kurt has ever produced on Persuasion, Influence, Negotiation, and Leadership!  One of the greatest features of Influence University is Kurt's "Persuasion Software."  There are 77 potential objections out there and this software allows you to click on whatever one you've received and immediately see the course of action you should take!

On this episode, Kurt and Steve follow their discussion on objection psychology.  Now that we know where objections come from, what do we do when they actually arrive?  There are a few steps to consider.  First, make sure you listen to the entire objection.  You might know the answer. You might think the objection is stupid.  But it's just as important for your prospect to completely verbalize the objection as it is for you to actually answer it.  The point is that you can never adequately answer an objection until the prospect has completely verbalized it.

Second, repeat the objection back to your prospect to make sure you understand.  Pause.  Think it over.  A lot of times when prospects have completely verbalized an objection it takes care of itself.  

There are five more steps that Kurt and Steve discuss on this episode, so download it here or subscribe to Maximize Your Influence on Itunes or Stitcher Radio to hear the entire episode! 

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After a rant about Philly Cheesesteaks and Gourmet Grilled Cheese, Kurt and Steve continue to break down the psychology of objections.  Undestanding what's happening to your prospect mentally will help you overcome objections faster and many times, avoid them all together.

A study done by Knox and Inkster shows us that people tend to justify and feel more confident in their decisions AFTER they have made them.  So if your prospects are not at least subconsciously making a decision to do business with you, they are looking for reasons to NOT do business with you

This essentially comes down to small mental commitments and painting the picture.  Anytime your prospect is confused or feels ambiguous about the future, they will throw out knee jerk reactions.  This is why advertisements show pictures and videos of people using their product and smiling.  They want to paint a picture of a bright future where people are using their product and are satisfied.  How can you do this?  How can you help your prospects see, touch, taste, feel, and overall experience your product?  Take away that uncertainty and the decision gets made subconsciously now and it's easy sailing from there!

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Have you ever had a conversation that just didn't get results?  Or even worse, one that felt completely fake?  On this episode, Kurt and Steve interview John R Stoker, author of "Overcoming Fake Talk - How To Hold Real Conversations that Create Respect, Build Relationships, and Get Results."  This is a fantastic new book (available at "", by the way) that will show you how to have more productive conversations.  Whether this is with a co worker, a teenager, or a boss, you'll find it to be highly useful!  

Fake talk is any conversation that no matter what is said, just fails to produce results.  You may be under the impression you received a commitment from somebody or that somebody is going to do something.  But what ends up happening?  Nothing.  We typically don't find out we've engaged in fake talk until after the fact, which is extrememly frustrating!  

One of the reason's people engage in fake talk is because they are conflict adverse.  Most of us don't enjoy getting in situations where think we will disappoint them or make them angry.  This causes us to steer conversations around productivity in favor of not causing conflict.  However, most of the time when we are avoiding confrontation it's because we assume there will be a problem. This, many times, is just an assumption. Don't assume that somebody will necessarily be mad (unless it's blatantly obvious).  You never know how they will react.  In addition keep in mind...many times THEY want to avoid conflict too! 

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Closing a deal isn't about a slick line at the end of your presentation.  It's about understanding what your prospect is REALLY saying when they say things like "I need to think about it" or "I don't have the money." 

First we need to figure out if we are dealing with a real objection or one that is just pure "venom."  If somebody is just objecting to be a pain in the butt, there isn't much you can do there other than to cut your losses.

But if they have a genuine question or concern, or even a "knee jerk" reaction, that's something you can work with. 

So what's a knee jerk reaction?  This is an instinctual resistance to being persuaded.  Your prospect doesn't feel good about doing business with you so they throw out something that's common to say like "I don't have money" or "I need to talk to my spouse."  The best way to reply to knee jerk reactions is with questions.  The more questions you can ask the more you flush out the real objection and the reason they feel uncomfortable. 

It's important to evaluate at least twice a year where your leads are coming from.  Are you talking to prospects that have the ability to buy your product?  Continually upgrade the quality of your leads (to the extent that you can).  Beyond that, focusing on questions and continually drilling down to the prospects core need will eliminate knee jerk reactions.  How do you know you've drilled down far enough?  When the prospect starts talking about their problem on an emotional level.  Now you know you're in the zone. 

On this episode Kurt and Steve also discuss how to handle situations where you persuade somebody who then has to take your product infront of a committee or supervisor...without you being present.  Be sure to tune into the episode to hear more!

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