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What are the most talked about psychological persuasion theories?  What are those techniques that people are using to get deep in the human mind and persuade under the radar?  Some might sound familiar,some have been used against you and some will be new to you.  Which ones are still working and which ones have become high lactose (cheesy).

 Join me for this week’s podcast of Persuasion Tricks That Still Work, as I take a deep dive into the world of persuasion and influence tricks, techniques and proven theory.


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So who is this gatekeeper? Well, that's the person that's trying to stop you from getting to the person that you need to talk to you.  This is the person you are attempting to persuade. This can be one of the biggest obstacles to sales, prospecting, and persuasion.  How can you talk to the right person?  This could be a secretary, a receptionist, a personal assistant, anyone that is answering the phones or that is stopping you from getting to your prospect.

Don’t be the one using those gatekeeper blunders that are keeping you from your prospect.  It is easier than you think to get past the gatekeeper.  Join me for this week’s podcast on Cracking The Gatekeeper Code.


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Tired of hearing that nasty word – The word NO.  That NO is costing you money and costing you business. (Maybe costing you dating opportunities. :)  

There are things you are doing that can guarantee a NO AND there are things you can do to guarantee a YES.

Article: Crime, commitment, and the responsive bystander: Two field experiments.

 It is easier than you think to get more yeses and the science of influence is clear about how to do it.  Join me for this week’s podcast on How to turn the NO into a YES.

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We have all been there – someone did not promise what was supposed to be delivered.  What was your reaction?  Has it happened to your company?  What causes buyer’s remorse?  What causes someone to ask for a refund?

These questions and more will be answered on this week’s podcast.  What causes, how do you eliminate and how do you solve these issues.  It does not matter if you have a perfect product or service – this will happen to you. 

Personality Traits May Affect Susceptibility to Persuasion

Join me for the podcast on Dealing with Remorse and Refunds.

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