Maximize Your Influence

Successful persuaders all share a common ability to use language in ways that evoke vivid thoughts, feelings, and actions in their audiences.  Typically, news broadcasters are trained to inflect their voices downward at the ends of sentences because doing so suggests confidence and authority.  Upward inflections tend to suggest a lack of confidence and doubt. 

Your voice is who you are.  It is your trademark and your calling card.  Your voice must exude energy, confidence, and conviction.  We tend to judge others by their voice:  confident, nervous, relaxed, energized, tired, weak, strong.  If you sound unsure and timid, your ability to persuade will suffer.

Want to know more? 

Join me for this week’s podcast on Your Zoom Voice:  How to Make Your Voice Captivating and Persuasive In An Online World. You will Discover....other elements needed to make your voice more influential, how to know if someone is smiling while they are wearing a mask, and how to know when you have developed and created rapport with a stranger.

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