Maximize Your Influence

Just because you can create a PowerPoint does not mean you know how to communicate, inspire and present.  Sure, you can give a presentation, and no one leaves the room; it doesn’t say anything negative, but did you really have charisma?  Did you influence them to your point of view? 

When preparing your presentation, be sure you have several ways to support and enhance your message. Great persuaders use presentation aids that will, concisely, and efficiently deliver their main points. Visual aids should improve your presentation and help keep people’s attention, but visual overload will distract from your message.

Are your visuals persuasive?  Are you abusing powerpoint?  Are you violating the common powerpoint mistakes?  Want to know how to use powerpoint to become more influential?  

Well, I have the answers….Join me for this week’s podcast - Break Your Powerpoint Addiction – Mistakes Draining Your Influence.  We will discover how to use visual aid that will help you persuade and influence.