Maximize Your Influence

Great persuaders are great communicators. Well-known motivational speaker and best-selling author Jim Rohn said it best: “When I learned how to effectively persuade and communicate, my income went from six digits to seven digits.”

The False Consensus Effect

Your communication skills are critical for your success, yet this is another set of overlooked skills that are not effectively taught in school. Communication includes phone skills, face-to-face interactions, Zoom presentations, and even email.

Do you want to be more persuasive on the phone?  Want to influence over zoom?  These skills are critical to your ability to take a interested prospect to a happy customer. 

 Join me for this week’s podcast as I take a deep dive into these presentation skills and the keys to influence when you are not face-to-face.  This podcast is called PQ Skill #8 - How To Sell Over The Phone - Tools to Persuade With Your Voice.