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Imagine that there is a giant rubber band inside of you. When dissonance is present, the rubber band begins to stretch. As long as the dissonance exists, the band stretches tighter and tighter. You've got to take action before it reaches a breaking point and snaps. The motivation to reduce the tension is what causes us to change; we will do everything in our power to get back in mental balance.

Sleepless And Selfish: Lack Of Sleep Makes Us Less Generous

We like to feel a level of consistency in our day-to-day actions and interactions.  This harmony is the glue that holds everything together and helps us cope with the world and all the decisions we have to make. Dissonance causes us to distort our memories or remember what we want to see or how we want it to happen.  This blurs reality and allows us to cover our mistakes.

Do you want your persuasion to stick?   Do you want your sales never to have buyer’s remorse?  What causes that dissonance or regret for saying yes?   Join me for this week’s podcast on Saving the Sale: Refunds, Regret, And Remorse.  You will discover the techniques used to get those sales to stick.  

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