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Touch can help you influence and connect with people.  Touch can be a very effective psychological technique.  Subconsciously, most of us like to be touched; it makes us feel appreciated and builds rapport.  It is true, though, that we do need to be aware and careful of a small percentage of the population who dislikes being touched in any way.

In most instances, however, touch can help put people at ease and make them more receptive to you and your ideas. Touch increases influence.  When you are able to touch your prospect they usually becomes more agreeable, enhances mood and increases the chances they will agree and do what you are asking.

Touch can create a positive perception.  Touch carries with it favorable interpretations of immediacy, similarity, relaxation, and informality.  In one research study, librarians did one of two things to university students: either they did not touch the person at all during the exchange or they made light, physical contact by placing a hand over the student's palm. Invariably, those students who were touched during the transaction rated the library service more favorably than those who were not touched at all.  


Touch Story 

Waiters/waitresses who touched customers on the arm when asking if everything was okay received larger tips and were evaluated more favorably than those waiters who didn't touch their customers. Touch also induces customers to spend more time shopping in stores. In one study, physical contact on the part of salespeople induced customers to buy more and to evaluate the store more favorably.

 Even a handshake is touch.  Handshakes tell a story about you and if they will remember you.  It dictates your first impression that will last forever.  A good handshake will make someone feel appreciated and connected to you.  A bad handshake could set you back an hour in rapport building.  Are you touching too much?  Not enough?  Do you have a good/lame handshake?

Listen and find out!

Learn how to get others to believe in you, trust you, and be influenced by you

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