Maximize Your Influence

One element that increases your presence, charm and likability…..Is humor.  Great persuaders naturally develop rapport while using humor.  It is very unlikely that your audience will feel angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, or resentful while enjoying your humor.

Your humor can have a domino effect of goodwill and of instilling positive emotions in your audience. If you can help your audience members to feel happier, you will in turn open the locked doors of persuasion and influence. Humor also increases energy and productivity, which will feed your audience’s positive emotions even more.

Is Caffeine Persuasive?

Humor for persuaders not only connects you to your audience but also increases people’s attention to you and your message.  Humor also puts your audience in a good frame of mind. When your audience is in a good disposition, they are less likely to disagree with you.  When you develop rapport with your audience, they will like you more.  Humor also increases trust.  

 How do you use this tool of charisma?

Charisma Series: Get others to believe in you, trust you, and be influenced by you

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