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What is a meta-program and how does it help you become a better persuader?  A meta program is the way we lean most of the time in terms of the way we act and react to most stimuli.  

We all hate to be put in a box and categorized, but the reality is that (most of the time) we are predictable.  Sure, people can never be 100 percent predictable, but you will be amazed at how predictable we actually are

Meta-programs are essentially the “looking glasses” through which we view the world.  The classic “Is the glass half full or half empty?” is a perfect meta-program example.  Meta-programs control our personality and therefore how we behave and how we liked to be influenced.

For instance, do you tend to be more of an active or passive person?  Do you focus more internally or externally about the world around you?  Two people may interpret the exact experience from totally different angles.

Find out your own meta programs and how to adjust your persuasion for each meta program.  Join me for this week’s podcast on Meta Programs and Mindset

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